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What to do if the silicone keypad on your phone fails Solving problems such as slow response of the silicone keypad

What to do if the silicone keypad on your phone fails  Solving problems such as slow response of the silicone keypad     

Nowadays, our lives are inseparable from mobile phones. As mobile phone screens become larger and larger, mobile phone silicone keypads have gradually been replaced by virtual keys. Most of the buttons on today's mobile phones are the volume, power off, and home buttons.

As for why the silicone mobile phone buttons malfunction? When we usually use mobile phones, sometimes the buttons respond slowly or do not give feedback at all. What is going on? There are many reasons for this:


a. First, check whether there are too many background programs running on the phone. Too many background programs will occupy much memory, which will cause the phone to freeze and cause the silicone keypad to respond slowly.

Solution: When the phone's silicone keypad responds slowly, check whether many programs are open. If so, turn off the background first to free up memory. Recommended other silicone keypad products: transparent silicone keypad, laser-engraved keys

b. Then check whether dust has entered the phone's keys: dust has penetrated the gaps between the power, volume, and other keys, which is difficult to detect with our naked eyes. Over time, it will cause poor release and push the silicone keypad to be unresponsive.

Solution: It is recommended that you do not try to disassemble the phone yourself but give the machine to professional after-sales technicians and then let the professionals clean the keys.

c. It may also be that the software in the mobile phone is incompatible: Sometimes, there are incompatibility issues between the system and the installed software APP.

Solution: Delete incompatible apps or restore factory settings.

d. Problems with mobile phone hardware.

If the above problems have been checked one by one and the silicone keypad of the mobile phone still fails, then the keypad is broken.

Solution: Find a high-quality mobile phone silicone keypad manufacturer to avoid inferior keys and fundamentally solve the problem. As for the issue of producing silicone keypads

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