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Identifying the Causes of Deviations in Silicone Keypads

Identifying the Causes of Deviations in Silicone Keypads     

As the silicone keypad technology becomes more and more perfect, the quality of the silicone keypads is improving. In daily production, sometimes we need some help, such as the silicone keypads produced being different from the expected ones. So, what are the reasons for these errors?


1. It is important to increase the temperature of the mold during molding. It is important to know that the higher the temperature of the mold, the silicone raw material will be able to form according to the mold due to the temperature, and the flow of raw materials will The properties are also close to the movement of the grinding tool, and the fluidity of the raw materials is relatively poor. The size of the molded product will not be as different as expected!

2. We will give the silicone raw material a force during molding. Through moderate power, we can compress the silicone raw material to a fixed size. Therefore, in terms of molding pressure, we must control it to a reasonable degree, such as excessive pressure. As it gets bigger, the thickness becomes thinner, and the size becomes larger, relatively speaking, but not vice versa.

3. Sometimes, it may be a problem with the design of the mold itself. The technique could be more rigorous and qualified. Then, no matter how the size is adjusted during production, there will be some errors because the rigor of the mold must be paid attention to when opening the mold. There must be no deviation from the scale of the product. Generally speaking, problems with the mold itself are relatively rare in the silicone keypad production industry, but we must consider this reason.

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