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The main features of a waterproof silicone keypad

The main features of a waterproof silicone keypad     

The waterproof silicone keypad is a rubber keypad with waterproof and dustproof functions. It mainly comprises a keycap, silicone pad, and contact element. Its main features are as follows:


1. Keycaps are generally made of silicone or other elastic materials to protect the operation buttons and have certain waterproof and dustproof functions.

2. The silicone gasket is the main sealing component. It seals with the operation panel through compression and deformation, preventing liquid and particles from entering the inside of the button. The silicone pad is soft and has good sealing and waterproof properties.

3. The contact element is used to connect and disconnect electrical signals. It generally uses metal contact or conductive carbon particles and is sealed in a silicone pad.

4. The waterproof silicone keypad is easy to install. Just open a hole in the panel and insert the keypad from the back to seal the installation. The silicone material has high adhesion and seals tightly against the inner wall of the board.

5. It has high waterproof performance and dust resistance and can be used safely in harsh environments for a long time. Sealing and waterproof performance can be achieved by choosing silicone of different materials and hardness according to needs.

6. Long service life, generally 10-15 years, and wide operating environment temperature, from -40°C to 200°C.

7. It is cheap and easy to mass produce. It is a cost-effective and highly applicable operation button.

8. Applied to equipment in various harsh environments, such as outdoor instruments, vehicle-mounted equipment, industrial controls, etc.

In summary, the waterproof silicone keypad has been widely used in buttons and switch equipment that withstand harsh environments due to its excellent sealing and waterproof performance, long service life, and low price. However, products of different hardness and materials must be selected according to the use environment and technical requirements to achieve the ideal use effect.