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Application fields of waterproof silicone keypad

Application fields of waterproof silicone keypad     

Waterproof silicone keypad is mainly used in the following fields:


1. Outdoor equipment field. Used for keypad contacts of multi-functional handheld devices, such as measuring instruments, communication

equipment, etc. It has the advantage of being dustproof, sandproof, and waterproof. Keypads in underwater equipment such as submersibles and ring systems can achieve proper IP68 waterproofing.

3. Household appliances field. Keypads for washing machines, rice cookers, and other electrical equipment must be moisture- and stain-proof.

4. Industrial control field. Waterproof keypad used in industrial control cabinets and instrument systems, such as PLC cabinet panels.

5. Medical device field. It is used in waterproof keypad positions such as surgical equipment cabinet panels and medical electrical equipment.

6. Automotive electronics field. Used for keypad induction of vehicle electrical appliances, such as car phones, audio and video equipment, etc.

7. Industrial security field. Waterproof keypad control is used in industrial monitoring systems and arming systems.

8. Construction industry field. Keypads used in intelligent buildings, offshore buildings, and other places require high waterproof performance.

9. Electrical power field. It is used in induction control of power equipment and has very high requirements for waterproofing.

10. Outdoor areas. The keypad contacts in various outdoor robot systems require high waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

To sum up, the waterproof silicone keypad is widely used in various fields, requiring moisture protection and long-term use due

to its excellent water resistance and durability. In particular, outdoor equipment, underwater equipment, electrical fields, etc.

have a high advantage. With the continuous development of intelligent technology, the application field of waterproof keypads will be further expanded.