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Silicone Keypad

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What are the technical processes of silicone keypad?

What are the technical processes of silicone keypad?     

Silicone keypad belongs to the product category of Silicone Products. Silicone keypad has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, electrical insulation, fatigue resistance, and other characteristics.

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1. Screen printing: Screen printing is an affordable printing technology that can print character patterns on a flat surface. Silicone keypad characters are mainly published in this way.

2. Epoxy crystal drops glue and silicone keypad are used for daily household use and in various engineering instruments. During use, the characters are easily corroded by sweat and rain, causing it to be unclear. Epoxy crystal drops glue can avoid this situation; The surface will not fade under the protection of resin.

3. Oil spraying: The silicone keypad is in direct contact with human hands. Oil spraying can enhance the feel and improve the user experience. You can choose inks according to different needs, including touch oil, varnish, and wear-resistant PU ink, which can meet the needs of most customers.

4. Laser engraving. Some electronic products need to be used at night and in dim conditions. A laser engraving silicone keypad will carve light-transmitting holes on the keys. SMD lights can solve the problem of crucial identification at night, and the appearance of the keys will also be improved. It seems more advanced.