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Silicone Keypad

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The production process of silicone keypad!

The production process of silicone keypad!     

The silicone keypad is fully sealed, waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, acid-proof, and alkali-proof and can be used in harsh environments. The silicone keypad's unique design and production process simplifies the critical internal structure. Made of specially developed high-strength silicone, it does not contain metal nails and has reliable and stable performance. Silicone keyboards have various colors, distinctive personalities, and unique surface treatments. Keywords will not fall off or fade.

The critical life can reach 10 million times and has USB and PS/2 interface conversion to meet your usage requirements. A finished silicone keypad needs to go through the following processes:


A finished silicone keypad needs to go through the following processes:

1. Raw material preparation, including raw rubber mixing, color matching, raw material weight calculation, etc.

2. Vulcanization molding, using high-pressure vulcanization equipment to perform high-temperature vulcanization to solid-state the silicone raw materials.

3. Peaking: The silicone Products from the mold will be combined with some. Industrially, this process is done manually, and some factories also use punch machines.

4. Silk screen printing: this process is only used for some silicone keypads with patterns on the surface, such as English letters and Arabic numerals on the silicone keypad. To facilitate users to operate keys, it is often necessary to filter the characters corresponding to the keys on the mobile phone at corresponding positions.

5. Surface treatment: surface treatment includes air gun dust removal and intransitive verb oil spraying. Because the silicone keypad can easily absorb dust in the air under normal circumstances and has a certain degree of stickiness, spray a thin layer of touch oil on the surface of the silicone keypad to prevent dust and ensure the touch feel.