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Silicone Keypad

How to OEM ODM Customize Silicone keypad Buttons

How to OEM ODM Customize Silicone keypad Buttons     

Customized silicone keypad Buttons require the production of molds for silicone vulcanization machine molding.


Provide any one of the following information to evaluate the mold cost and manufacture the mold for you:

1: Provide 3D design drawings of keys in STP format.

2: Send the silicone keypad sample to us, and we will draw 3D drawings according to your sample.

3: Provide your keypad PCB board or shell. Send samples or 3D drawings are OK. We will design a suitable silicone product according to your product structure.

The following information is required to evaluate the unit price of the product:

1: Product MOQ

2: Printing requirements: If you need to print text, ICONS, or patterns on the keypads, you must provide relevant design documents and determine the printing position, color, and effect.

3: Product surface treatment process

4: Product packaging