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How much does it cost to sample a silicone keychain?

How much does it cost to sample a silicone keychain?     

Regarding silicone keychain proofing, also called pre-production confirmation, before placing an order, the customer will look at the final sample after the design. This includes craft quality, material selection, color, design effect, cover size, production process, etc., to ensure production. The goods can achieve the original intention of the design. Usually, proofing includes proofing based on drawings and physical objects. Based on the pictures or physical objects, modifications are made according to the customer's requirements, and a set of sample molds are made.


Because there are thousands of keychain colors, each customer's needs differ. In addition to the commonly used black and white, liquid glue and solid silicone must be adjusted according to the color card or physical sample provided by the customer, and each time, It's impossible to mix just a little bit. The solid silicone needs at least 500g, and each color of liquid glue needs 50g. The rest will almost become waste. If you need to add some rare accessories, such as hardware, nylon, etc., It is not easy to find in the market, and sometimes it takes the buyer half a day or even a day. In short, the glue factory spends a lot of time and energy when making prototypes. This affects the proofing to a great extent. Cost, so I hope customers can understand.

Normally, the sample fee for an ordinary keychain is between 130-150 US dollars, and the number of samples for each model is 3-4. The price depends on the simple or complex pattern, color, size, and production process. No matter how much the proofing fee is, usually, the customer can return the order.