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What causes the custom-made silicone 3D doll to smell?

What causes the custom-made silicone 3D doll to smell?     

With the continuous improvement of silicone 3D doll technology, silicone 3D doll gifts are becoming increasingly common in life. However, when some gift companies purchase silicone 3D doll gifts, they find that some silicone 3D doll gifts have a pungent smell. How is the smell produced?



This problem is mainly because some silicone manufacturers, to save costs, use ordinary vulcanizing agents that are not environmentally friendly and cheap instead of environmentally friendly and odorless vulcanizing agents that can completely pass ROHS testing. The vulcanizing agent is a vulcanizing agent that promotes the vulcanization and molding of silicone raw materials. The catalyst will evaporate after Silicone Products are formed, with only a small amount remaining, and it will disappear within 48 hours.

     The vulcanizer will not harm the human body, but the cheap vulcanizer will produce a burning and pungent smell, which evaporates in about a month. Therefore, select odorless ones with better performance when choosing silicone gifts and products. Especially silicone kitchenware, the requirements are more stringent.

     Silicone raw materials do not have a big smell. The smell problem mainly concerns the vulcanizing agent and vulcanizing machine mentioned above. In terms of selecting vulcanizing agents, odorless vulcanizing agents should be chosen. After the second stage, there is no smell. Note that do not use 200 degrees during secondary vulcanization. One hundred fifty-five degrees or 150 degrees. Bake for 12 hours if the temperature is high. Products age easily. Quality cannot be guaranteed.

     Therefore, when purchasing Silicone Products, you must first examine the wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength, and odor issues. If these conditions are met, they are good-quality Silicone Products. If not, give up to avoid causing financial losses.