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How should customized silicone keychain manufacturers quote prices?

How should customized silicone keychain manufacturers quote prices?     

As a Silicone Products manufacturer, we often encounter various customers. Some customers can only provide a photo of a silicone keychain without any design drawings, product dimensions, or other parameters. Some may only offer the weight of the silicone keychain, and some may only use a caliper to measure it except for the picture. Please ask us for a quote based on the approximate size.


When YueHouDZ Silicone Products Manufacturing responded to the customer very politely, saying that we cannot quote the price based only on the silicone keychain pictures you provided and without detailed design drawings, the customer would ask us very strangely, Other silicone product manufacturers can quote just by looking at pictures.  In this regard, we at YueHouDZ Silicone Products Manufacturing want to say that with detailed design drawings and clear everything, the quotation is also wildly accurate. This kind of quotation needs to make more sense. YueHouDZ silicone products Manufacturing is based on a rigorous Attitude; when encountering this situation, we can generally only give a price reference range, and there is no guarantee that the price will be accurate. Therefore, when we at YueHouDZ Silicone Products Manufacturing encounter this situation, we usually do not quote the silicone keychain.

When quoting customized silicone keychain gifts, you should look at the pictures and know the product's weight and, more importantly, look at the various detailed specifications of the silicone keychain. Therefore, generally, silicone keychain customers ask us to quote, and YueHouDZ silicone products Manufacturing will ask customers to provide exact specifications. Drawings, 2D design drawings, 3D design drawings, or physical product samples. Because of these detailed silicone keychain design drawings or material samples, we can analyze the precise structure and silicone processing technology of the silicone keychain gift and understand how to customize this product. What is the difficulty of silicone keychain products? What issues should be paid attention to during production and processing and when opening molds? The weight is only a reference for how much material is used. When quoting, it is necessary to summarize the specifications of the product, the processing procedures, and the processing of the silicone keychain. Time and material weight are measured together. Only in this way can an accurate silicone keychain quotation be provided.

Customized production of silicone keychains is a complex process. In addition to machine and human factors, the quality of keychains also depends on the ability to detect and deal with problems and a rigorous attitude. Therefore, insisting on the regular operation of silicone processing machines, excellent design and processing capabilities of silicone molds, and strengthening operating skills and quality awareness training are necessary to reduce the defective rate of silicone keychains.