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How to deal with the reflective mold on the surface of a silicone 3D doll?

How to deal with the reflective mold on the surface of a silicone 3D doll?     

During the processing of silicone 3D dolls, various silicone processing techniques are used, such as the texture of everyday silicone products, Silicone product printing patterns, anti-molding, polishing, etc. Among the different processes of silicone 3D dolls, it is more difficult to The processing is considered to have a high translucency and reflective effect. The reason is that the cost of mold processing is high, and the polishing difficulty is high. The defective rate of silicone product manufacturers will increase, and many silicone 3D dolls need to be polished and electroplated, so today, I will explain how to achieve the reflective effect of silicone 3D doll molds.


To achieve this effect, silicone 3D doll requires Silicone product manufacturers to polish the mold. Polishing silicone doll molds can be divided into a variety of process methods. Different processing methods of silicone doll molds have other effects and advantages, such as typical Mechanical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic grinding polishing, etc. For larger silicone doll molds, you can choose electrolytic and ultrasonic polishing. The main reason is that electrolytic polishing relies on the selective dissolution of small protrusions on the material's surface to make Surface lubrication. Ultrasonic polishing is a polishing method that uses ultrasonic waves to push small abrasive particles to impact the surface of the workpiece at extremely high speeds, forcing the abrasives to process the surface to be processed, thereby reducing its surface roughness.

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