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How can we reduce the manufacturing costs of silicone doll keychains?

How can we reduce the manufacturing costs of silicone doll keychains?     

Nowadays, domestic environmental protection and price adjustments have caused many silicone rubber product factories to pay attention to the cost control issue of silicone keychain dolls. So, what costs can silicone keychain dolls control, and what costs of silicone keychain dolls cannot be controlled?



The cost control of car keychain dolls cannot be concluded in two days. If a Silicone Products factory saves 10 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day with one machine, it will be 300 kilowatt-hours in one month. Then, ten devices will save 3,000 kilowatt-hours in one month. You can imagine It can save you tens of thousands in electricity bills a year, and the same goes for other work necessities. If you don’t see any change for a day or two, you may be shocked after a long time.

In addition, the current labor costs are also high. trimming deflashing of the silicone doll keychain need to be trimmed by hand. If the trimming is damaged, it will be scrapped. If it is not repaired, it will have to be reworked. If the customer complains, the silicone doll keychain will have to be returned for rework, which wastes a lot of cost and time, so quality inspection is also essential and is part of the cost savings.

Speaking of the current silicone gift industry, if a Silicone Products factory cannot make money in terms of profit and output but the silicone factory is still maintained, then internal cost control is better. However, the current silicone gift industry can only survive by increasing production, controlling costs, and relying on internal methods.