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Silicone keypad Epoxy Coating glue dispensing process introduce

    2023-10-30 22:32:47     

With the rapid development of Silicone Products, the production technology of silicone keypads has also been rapidly improved and matured. Silicone keypads are used in various industries. Moreover, the silicone keypad is quite beautiful. Some have silk-screen logos and silk-screen fonts on them. The feel is excellent, and the service life is very long. Usually, silicone keypads can be used about 200,000 times. Some of the more exquisite silicone keypads are crystal clear and have a smooth and beautiful surface. The reason why silicone keypads have a smooth and attractive surface is that After the Epoxy Coating glue dispensing process, YueHouDZ Rubber Products Co., Ltd. will tell you about the glue dispensing process of this silicone keypad.


How do you perform the Epoxy Coating glue dispensing process on a silicone keypad?

1. Generally, the dispensing process of silicone keypad uses epoxy resin as the material, then mixes it with the curing agent, drips it on the surface of the silicone keypad, and then leaves it for a certain time. After it dries, the silicone keypad will be It will be more beautiful, and it will also protect the appearance of the silicone keypad from damage;

2. Silicone keypad has the advantages of being anti-corrosion, waterproof, wear-resistant, and good-looking. The good-looking lies in its crystal clear appearance, which can increase the product's gloss. The application range of the glue dispensing process of silicone keypad is relatively wide. It can be used in the production process of glass, metal, ceramics, and other materials;

3. Generally, during the glue dispensing process, high-purity epoxy resin and curing agent will be mixed and prepared according to the proportion and then put into the glue can, and the adhesive can drip a certain ring on the silicone keypad. Oxygen resin, and then place the glued silicone keypad for about 12 hours until it is completely cured. After curing is completed, the gluing process is completed.

In short, glue dispensing is an important part of making silicone keypad. This production can not only achieve a crystal clear silicone keypad but also make the silicone keypad have a good feel and gloss. Note: Avoid using too much epoxy resin to damage the silicone keypad. To prevent defects in the produced products.

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